Welcome to Écsy Kft.'s new website! Our prices contain 27% Hungarian VAT!
Écsy Kft. 1095. Budapest, Soroksári út 48.
Telephone number: +36 (06)1 425 23 68 ; +36 (06)20 572 26 27
Open hours
Monday-Thursday: 8:30-16:30, Friday: 8:30-16:00

Dear clients,

Hereby we mention our discount opportunities in case of buying:

  • If You are a Hungarian student of confectioner, baker or gastronomic school and fill in your student card number, You can get 5% discount from the amount of your buyings.
  • If You are member of Hungarian Confectioner Corporation and at registration fill in your confectioner corporation card number, You can get a 5% discount from the amount of your buyings.
  • In case of your country is member of European Union and You have European Tax number (like as ROXXXXXXXX) and give it through registration your buying is free from Hungarian Value Added Tax (VAT). Our system controls it through webshopping, in case of e-mail orders, please be so kind and inform us about your number. If You are Hungarian company or private person, or private person from European Union please take to evidence that our prices contains 27% VAT. 
  • Each time the higher percent of discount is given for your buying and discounts couldn't been massed.


  • You can choose personal reception at our shop
  • You can have shipping to your company or home, we work with shipping agent GLS

Combined shipping and paying schedule:

Net amount of your order                Paying in advance or by bank card                Cash on delivery (by GLS)

0- 5.000 Ft                                                          1.500 Ft + VAT                                            2.100 Ft + VAT

5.001-10.000 Ft                                                 1.800 Ft + VAT                                            2.400 Ft + VAT

10.001-15.000 Ft                                               2.100 Ft + VAT                                            2.700 Ft + VAT

15.001-20.000 Ft                                               2.300 Ft + VAT                                            2.900 Ft + VAT

20.001-25.000 Ft                                               2.500 Ft + VAT                                            3.100 Ft + VAT

25.001-30.000 Ft                                               2.700 Ft + VAT                                            3.300 Ft + VAT

30.001-40.000 Ft                                               2.900 Ft + VAT                                            3.500 Ft + VAT

40.001-50.000 Ft                                               3.100 Ft + VAT                                            3.700 Ft + VAT

Above net amount of 50.000 HUF shipping is free. If choosing "Cash on delivery (by GLS)" above net amount of 50.000 HUF, the heandling fee is 600 HUF + VAT.


  • You could pay for your buyings personally at our shop in cash or bank card
  • You could pay your invoice in advance for our bank account: 12012156-01764185-00100001
  • You could pay by webcard directly
  • In Hungary You could choose Cash on delivery service as well (which's fee is 600 HUF).

In case of buyings from abroad:

  • You could pay by webcard or payment in advance; or if You or any relative of yours has the opportunity to pop-in our shop; You could pay by cash or bank card, too.
  • We ship by GLS to abroad, too; it means approximatelly 3-4 working days shipping time; but we do not afford cash on delivery service for abroad; if You pay your invoice by webcard the shipping cost would be approximatelly 20 EUR (7.800 HUF), if You pay in advance; it is regulated by personal agreement.