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We have been trading with confectioner, baker, gastronomical tools for more than 20 years. We buy most of our professional tools directly from well- known German, French and Italian suppliers, but we also work with Hungarian small producers, too. We serve as well as professionals (also end users) and also re-sellers.

We are waiting for our clients to our shop with a lot of pleasure!


EU buyings

2018. January 22.

In case if You buy from EU member country; if You or your company have EU tax number, -for example: country codexxxxxxxx), please be so kind and let us know. Cause in this case You pay 0% VAT.
If You do not have this number, the products are under 27% VAT key.

Student discount

2013. April 12.

If vocational school students buy in our store, please notify us before payment, because the price will decrease -5% on all products we provide to them.
It can not be combined with other discounts.


2012. July 25.

For members of confectionery industry association`s, we can provide 5% discount.
Please sign it on your order or when you are bying.
This discount can`t be added with other discount .


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