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Écsy Kft. 1095. Budapest, Soroksári út 48.
Telephone number: +36 (06)1 425 23 68 ; +36 (06)20 572 26 27
Open hours
Monday-Thursday: 8:30-16:30, Friday: 8:30-16:00

Dealing with confectioner, baker and gastronomic goods for more then 25 Years! We buy directly our professional products from German, Italian and French partner companies, but also we have some Hungarian suppliers. We have retail trade and also wholesale trade activity, as well; and also serve private people with a lot of pleasure.

Rubbish bags
Rubbish bags
608 Ft
Breadbasket oval
Breadbasket oval
2 286 Ft
Gloves and oven gloth
Gloves and oven gloth
4 326 Ft
Baker mitts, leather, 1 finger
Baker mitts, leather, 1 finger
6 814 Ft
Measuring bucket
Measuring bucket
14 418 Ft

We are trading with confectioner, baker and gastronomical tools, since 1993. We are 100 percent Hungarian property family business; as a result of our work the structuralization, the continuous progress of our company and our top quality products result real value, success and satisfaction.

Our product range consists of German, French and Italian goods.

We have our own shop in Budapest; if the required good is on stock; in one day term we ship it in Budapest; and we transport it countrywide between 1, maximum 2 day term, thanked to the express shipper company we work, called GLS.

More points of the country we have retail traders; in a lot of cash and carry shop we serve the goods as in Budapest, as at country. 

We ship also to abroad, GLS takes the goods in 3-4 days through Europe, only cash on delivery service in Europe we can not provide.

At catalogues menu You could check the various range of goods we are trading with.

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WELCOME (2019. March 12.)

Welcome to our new homepage!

NEW gold/black cartoons, cartoon plates and gold/black undercake boards arrived. Professional quality, thanked to gold/black combination the cartoon won't  be wet and will be enough for longer time.

Check under menu: Paper and other tools/paper and cartoon tools/gold cartoons and golden cardboard undercakes