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Écsy Kft. 1095. Budapest, Soroksári út 48.
Telephone number: +36 (06)1 425 23 68 ; +36 (06)20 572 26 27
Open hours
Monday-Thursday: 8:30-16:30, Friday: 8:30-16:00

Dear client!

We are trading with confectioner, baker and gastronomical tools, since 1993. We are 100 percent Hungarian property family business; as a result of our work the structuralization, the continuous progress of our company and our well quality products result real value, success and satisfaction. Our product range mainly consists of German, French and Italian goods.

We have our own shop in Budapest; if the required good is on stock; in one day term we deliver it in Budapest; and we transport it countrywide between 1, maximum 2 day term, thanked to the express cargo transporter company we work, called GLS.

More points of the country we have retail traders; in a lot of cash and carry shop we serve the goods as in Budapest, as at country. 

All of our goods have a proper quality; as long as our more than 10 years activity; there was absolutely no quality problems; relating that also our prices could be well considered on the Hungarian market. We really take important to take part on exhibitions, fairs as Sirha and other events like Ice Cream competition, Confectioner school contests, festivals; etc; and also is part of our art poecy to sponsor them. If one or more of our products take your attention up; you can look after our goods and their on the homepage. But if you need a separate or different price enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us on e-mail ecsy@ecsy.hu or any other availability. Our prices are indicated in Forint (HUF) and are gross (incl.VAT) prices.

Those customers, who already have registration in our webshop, can request a new password with their registered email address. After signing is please fill your personal data, so you will have a valid registration for the new webshop aswell.

And with pleasure we wait our costumers in our shop of Budapest! At address: Écsy Kft 1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 48, buliding 7, Hungária Malomudvar (Mill).

The structure of our company is:

Écsy József Ügyvezető igazgató
Écsy József
Managing Director

Écsy Jolán
Financial Director
Sraga Gyula
Sales Manager
Mobil: 30/6651134
Szukfielné Écsy Gabriella
Dep. of Financial Director
Mobil: 20/4830185

Horváth Júlia Emma
Foreign Trade Manager
Bellák Attila
Sales assistant
Vekety György
Sales assistant